fluege.de lets its users compare the prices of thousands of airline fares quickly and easily. Since 2008, the site has become one of the most successful flight portals in the German-speaking countries. Innovative technology evaluates and details the complex range of services offered by more than 550 airlines. This means you always find the cheapest flight.

Booked flights, optional insurance and other services can be easily managed in the convenient and personalised service area. In addition, customers learn everything they need to know about their flights and destinations in real time.

Users who book with the company’s own fluege.de Mastercard Gold will fly even cheaper. This is because loyal customers are not required to pay an airline ticket service fee, which is otherwise customary in the travel agency business.

If you are looking for more than just a flight, fluege.de also offers a convenient means of booking rental cars, hotel rooms or entire travel packages.

A dedicated app for smartphone and tablet users also enables convenient flight searches and other user-friendly services on smaller screens.

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